Target group

In accordance with Norwegian law, every employee who is involved in high-temperature work must be up to date in ‘Hot Work’ training.


Training duration

The one-day course is conducted in Polish (with the possibility of also having the training in Norwegian or English). The course additionally involves practical training in the use of fire extinguishers and other fire-fighting equipment.


Training method

A classroom course covers the theoretical and practical components.
The course can be completed in a virtual, live classroom.



On completing the training and undergoing an exam, the participant will receive an electronic certificate (downloadable in BVIS format) which is valid for a period of five years in Norway, Finland and Denmark.

It is also possible to receive an additional Hot Work card (in credit-card format) on payment of a further 300 PLN.

While the certificate is being prepared, the participant is issued by the accredited instructor with a PROVISIONAL CERTIFICATE which entitles the participant to work.




Norwegian Course – Hot Work

The idea of Hot Work encompasses: welding, grinding, cutting with a blowtorch, soldering etc.  These activities create heat, sparks and fragments which can ignite materials in the vicinity of the workplace.

The Norwegian name of the course is “Varme Arbeider”.


The ‘Hot Work’ course consists of the following topic units:

  • fire hazards, causes of fires and how they spread
  • workers’ procedures and obligations regarding fire protection
  • correct worker behaviour in the event of fire
  • types of fire extinguisher, manual firefighting tools and fire-protection equipment
  • legal regulations concerning fire protection and high-temperature work
  • safety procedures while performing high-temperature work
  • performing first aid on individuals injured in a fire
  • risks – identification, assessment and taking action
  • performing first aid on individuals injured in a fire

Course price:  PLN 1300

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