Target group

Individual training


Training duration

E-learning, approximately 30 minutes.


Training method

Permit to work system is an e-learning accredited by Offshore Training Centre.  Training is performed in polish language.



Offshore Training Center issues a certificate of completion of the course  in English (self-printing). Polish version can be issued on request.

Permit to work system

The course is based on EU standards. Course includes:

  1. permit to work description
  2. job permit issuer
  3. duties of persons working under job permit
  4. activities usually covered by job permits
  5. job permit
  6. sample job permit for entering confined spaces
  •  scope of job to be performed description
  • check lists
  • confirmation of employee of understanding and his agreement with received information, instruction and precautions taken to reduce accident risk and probability
  • list of employees covered by job permit with time of entering and leaving confined space
  • individual confirmation by each employee that he completed or discontinue designated work in confined space and that all equipment and remaining materials he used was removed from the space

     7. Final test

Course price: PLN 20

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