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We are a training firm that provides support for employers and employees in foreign labour markets.We are available to our clients at any time and any place, on land and on the sea.

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Welcome to the Offshore Training Centre

In order to meet the growing demand in the international arena for employee training of the highest standards, we provide high-quality training and tuition. 
Our courses provide you with the tools you need to further your professional development. 
At the same time, we assist the international ship-building, offshore, refinery and building sectors, helping them to create more competent and efficient staff.

Our training supports workplace safety.


The Offshore Training Centre, in partnership with Norwegian training centres, is able to organise every kind of safety training on a company’s behalf, qualifying staff to work in the Norwegian offshore sector.
The theoretical component of the training may be carried out in Poland, in either a classroom setting or remotely.

The Offshore Training Centre, in partnership with British training centres, can organise safety training on a company’s behalf in the area of UK workplace safety.  This training can be performed in Polish and either in Poland or abroad.

The highest standards


Confirmation of high quality

Our firm’s quality policy has been confirmed with the certificate ISO 9001:2015, issued by Lloyd’s Register.


Training in three languages

Certified training in Norway may be conducted in Polish, English or Norwegian.
Other training conducted abroad may be undertaken in Polish or with an interpreter present.


Courses tailored to the needs of clients

We organise dedicated training programmes at the request of our clients, implemented according to their expectations.

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