Offshore Training Centre has completed the first phase in implementing its Educational Platform.

The commercial resources found here are dedicated to workers in a variety of industrial sectors employed abroad and to seafarers.  Access to these resources is via the internet shop.  For detailed information on these training materials, just go to .

Access to the non-commercial component is free of charge. This is primarily dedicated to seafarers and those interested in gaining a broad understanding of maritime, offshore  and environmental issues.  There are two levels of access available:

1. Without the need to log in, if you go to the section marked Lectures, you can find educational materials which have been made available by outstanding scientists as well as by professionals with maritime or technical experience.

2. By logging in, within the portals which are administered by a scientific group of students from the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Department of Navigation from the Maritime University of Gdynia, you can find educational materials.  It additionally presents a range of interesting technical, technological and operational problems which may be of interest to professionals.

We are currently in the process of implementing the second stage of the Educational Platform, by adding interesting content to it which will be available both on a commercial basis and for free.

If you are a professional from the technical fields connected to maritime matters and would like to share your knowledge and experience with others, by allowing others to access your own educational materials gratis, we are ready and waiting to present your publications.

If your company has educational materials which you would like to make available only to a select group of recipients, there is a place for them on our platform.

If either you or your company have an interesting idea for a training course in an area for which there is a need, and which may generate interest, you are most welcome to participate with us.

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