We offer dedicated training:


Training audience

The trainings offered are only addressed to employees referred to trainings by their employers.


Training methods

The trainings are delivered mainly in the stationary version.



Institutional customers / companies pay after receiving the invoice.



Enrolment for stationary is accepted by phone or via email: szkolenia@offshoretraining.pl

Dedicated training

On request of companies Offshore Training Centre organizes  dedicated and specialized trainings for groups of employees whose employment and secondment to work abroad in the UK, Norway and on drilling platforms is planned by their employers.

We organize improvement trainings  for  various professions,  up to British and Norwegian standardars, well as  Basic Safety Course (GSK),  acredited by Norwegian Oil & Gas,  required  for all personell  employed on driling platforms on Norwegian shelf.

Improvement training in professions connected to shipbuilding, refinery and construction  sectors are organized in Gdynia.

Specialized training, e.g. for crane operation (G4), can take place in Norway with our language assistance.

Dedicated training orders are implemented basing on workshops, laboratories and staff of the Maritime University of Gdynia, or by our subcontractors.

Orders should be submitted via e-mail to: szkolenia@offshoretraining.pl

Dedicated Training

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