Target group

The course is aimed at pipe fitters and everyone who would like to broaden their knowledge of the Ermeto system.


Training duration

The course lasts 3 days.


Training method

Classroom course



A certificate is issued by the Offshore Training Centre.


Ermeto Course

The course consists of three parts, spread over 3 days of training.

Training programme – Ermeto Course

Day One (6 hours of lectures)

  1. Familiarisation with isometric drawings (Theoretical and practical component)

Day Two (6 hours of lectures)

  1. H&S – Conducting risk assessment (maritime installation fitting) (1.5h)
  2. Ermeto installations (3.5h)

– Types of installation (presentation of examples of technical drawings)
– Applications in the installation
– Basic instrumentation
– Pros and cons of the installation
– Testing for tightness
– Applying isometric drawings in performing example installations

  1. Pros and cons of Ermeto connectors (1h)


Day three (6 hours of lectures)

  1. Practical lesson at the workbench in performing an installation according to the diagram

– Measuring installations that use Ermeto connectors (1h)
– Performing bends at designated points according to the diagram (2h)
– Compressing  the ends of Ermeto connectors (1h)
– Mounting the entire installation (2h)




Course price: PLN 2100

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