Competence Tests:


Test audience

For employees of companies directed to work abroad.



Institutional customers make an advance payment and further payments after conducting the test and receiving the invoice.



Enrolment for classroom and online training is accepted by phone or via email :

Professional Competence Tests

Offshore Training Centre organizes, on behalf of companies, Professional Competence Tests for groups of employees applying for employment and secondment to work abroad in the UK, Norway and on oil platforms.

We organize competency tests of employees directed to work abroad in the following professions:

  • Welders, including various methods and materials,
  • Pipe and Steel Structures Fitters,
  • Hull fitters,
  • Construction Workers,
  • Crane and Lifting Workers,
  • Sandblasters / Industrial Painters,
  • Mechanics and Machine Fitters,
  • Construction and Industrial Electricians,
  • Excavator Operators,



Vocational tests can be carried out in the presence of the client’s representative and/or Lloyd’s, DNV or TUV inspector, according to the client’s requirements.

Competence tests are organized based on workshops with modern equipment, laboratories and simulators.

As part of the service, we also secure material for samples, assistance and supervision of a classification institution chosen by the client.
Orders should be submitted via e-mail to:

Completed Tests

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