Target group

Everyone who would like to work in the offshore sector


Training duration

E-learning, approximately 60 minutes.


Training method

E-learning initiated by the operator. The programme may be implemented in one place with an instructor.



After taking a final Offshore Training Centre test, a certificate of completion of training is issued.


Anchor Handling Operations (Offshore)

Anchor Handling Operations is an e-training programme which is provided by the Norwegian training company Seagull Maritime AS.  The training course is conducted in English.

The course presents a selection of aspects of oil-rig, anchor-displacement operations carried out by a ship of the AHTS type. The course features numerous video recordings of the AHTS ship during the process of anchor movement.

The course shows the ship during its preparations in port, on approach to the platform and in preparation for anchoring operations.

You can observe the transfer of the anchor from the platform to the deck of the ship, the process of detaching it from the chain and the storage of the anchor on board. The presentation shows how the chain is stored and shortening it by a section. A steel cable (a buoyed wire insert) is connected to the submersible buoy which holds the anchor chain above the underwater obstruction.


After these activities have been carried out, the presentation shows the operation of connecting the anchor to the chain, as well as the process of lowering it to the bottom with the use of a steel rope buoy (pennant) to indicate its position.

Aspects discussed during the training session:

  • Recognition of potential hazards during anchor movement
  • Identifying the necessary steps to prepare for anchoring operations
  • Aspects of bringing the anchor aboard
  • A checklist for lowering the anchor
  • A checklist for positioning the anchor

Course price: PLN 250

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