Rigging & Slinging (Offshore)

The training programme is addressed to crews of ships, registered under various flags, as well as to workers on off-shore installations in cases where the regulations do not require national accreditation.

Working at heights (Offshore)

The employer has an obligation to provide training for employees working at heights. The course ‎defines safe access to such workplaces.

Anchor Handling Operations

The training is aimed at deck crews who are planning to work on specialised vessels.

Fire Prevention - Use Of Extinguishers

Every employee performing hot works should be trained in the use of fire extinguishers. The training is recommended for all employers.

Fire Prevention - Confined Spaces

This training is dedicated to people performing work in confined spaces, including hot work observers and fire guards at the entrances to confined spaces.


Fire Prevention - Hot work

The course is based on norwegian standards and is required for employees who need hot works permit,  except specific certificates which are obligatory in the other countries.

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