Target group

Individual training


Training duration

E-learning, approximately 60 minutes.


Training method

Breathing Apparatus is an e-learning training course addressed to contract workers employed abroad.

The training is available in Polish.



The certificate is issued by the Offshore Training Center in English and is available for self-printing after passing the final test.

Breathing Apparatus

The course is based on the standards in force in the EU countries.

It covers the following topics:

  1.  Introduction
  2. Self contained breathing apparatus
    – SCBA Application
    – SCBA main components
    – SCBA popular models
    – SCBA elements description and operation
    – User practical training requirements
  3. Breathing Apparatus with external air supply
    – Application
    – General description
    – Air supply
    – Sample face masks
  4. Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus
    – Application
    – Selected EEBA models description and user instruction
    – Air supply activation for various EEBA models
  5. Final Test



Course price: PLN 100

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